Dragon Alfa Cement 25kg

Dragon Alfa Cement in the 25kg packaging is a high-quality 42.5R grade cement, known for its exceptional purity and increased fineness. This refined texture not only enhances the appearance of the finished product but significantly contributes to achieving higher early strength in a variety of construction materials, including concretes, mortars, and grouts. Its light color provides a cleaner look, which is especially advantageous when aesthetic considerations are paramount.

The cement’s formulation improves workability, making it easier to mix and apply, a feature highly valued in both small and large-scale construction projects. It is also Chromium (VI) compliant, ensuring it meets current environmental and health safety standards, reducing the risk of allergenic dermatitis.

Dragon Alfa Cement is versatile, being compatible with a range of admixtures which allows for its use in diverse building applications. To maintain its quality and performance, it should be stored in dry conditions. The packaging in sturdy paper bags facilitates handling and storage, aligning with sustainable practices by reducing plastic use. This cement is an ideal choice for professionals seeking reliability and superior performance in their building materials.

£4.85 + VAT