Gabion Baskets

The 1m x 1m x 1m gabion baskets made from 3mm Galfan coated welded mesh wire offer a robust and durable solution for various structural and decorative applications. These baskets meet the EN 10218-2 standards, ensuring high quality and reliability.

All mesh panels used in these baskets are sourced from European manufacturers and comply with EN10244-2, which certifies the coating’s quality and adherence to safety standards. The panels boast a tensile range of 540-770N/mm^2, indicating a high level of strength and durability that is crucial for structural stability and integrity in applications such as retaining walls, landscaping features, and erosion control structures.

Each basket includes the necessary tying wire for assembly, ensuring that all components needed for constructing the basic frame are at hand. However, it’s important to note that stones and Helicoils, which are often required for completing gabion installations, are not included and must be sourced separately. This allows for customisation in filling material and connecting methods, depending on project requirements and aesthetic preferences.

£42.00 + VAT