Gabion Helicoil Spring Connector

The 990mm (39″) gabion Helicoil is an essential component used for securely connecting gabion baskets and weld mesh panel cages.

The Helicoil’s length allows it to span larger gaps and provide a continuous bond across the entire join, increasing the overall stability and integrity of the structure. The process of installation is straightforward and does not require specialised tools, which streamlines assembly and saves time on site.

Moreover, the use of these Helicoil springs helps maintain the aesthetic uniformity of the structure, as they can be easily concealed within the mesh, keeping the visual focus on the materials contained within the gabions, such as rocks or decorative stones. Their durability and resistance to environmental factors make them an ideal choice for outdoor and exposed installations, contributing to the longevity of the structures they help create.

£1.75 + VAT