Wildflower Meadow Topsoil

A soil that is a blend of inert acidic sand and loam to give good drainage and a workable consistency with just the right level of Phosphorous for wild flowers to thrive and to restrict grass and weed growth.
Our low fertility soil is best described as a slightly acidic, non -saline, non-calcareous loamy sand with low stone content. Screened to 0/12mm, manure free, aminopyralid free, friable & free draining and dark rich brown in colour.

PLEASE NOTE: The pictures of our products are for guidance only. The colours may appear differently if they are wet for example. We have a large display at Allstone Myers Road where you can see the products first hand to make your choice easier.

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1 bulk bag covers 5m2 at 150mm depth

£55.00£65.00 + VAT