Sand Products

All of the below are available:
  • In 40 kg Bags
  • Delivered
  • Collected
  • Kiln Dried Sand

    Kiln Dried Sand

    Joint filling sand for paving slabs, also used for sand-blasting.

  • Yellow Building Sand

    Yellow Building Sand

    Ideal for Brick Laying grey mortar finish. Can be mixed with Chieveley Pl. Sand for a Yellow Building Sand.

  • Mix Red Building Sand

    Mix Red Building Sand

    Can be used for Brick and Block Laying Can also be used for slab laying.

  • Red Sand

    Red Sand

    Used for cable and pipe laying, cattle bedding and under pond

  • Flooring Sand

    Flooring Sand

    Uses Floor screed/Slabs/Block Paving. Helps break up soil with a high clay content

  • Golden Plastering Sand

    Golden Plastering Sand

    Inside/Outside Plastering

  • Chievely Plastering Sand

    Chievely Plastering Sand

    For Inside Plastering Can be used as a Yellow Building Sand

  • Concreting Gravel

    Concreting Gravel

    Just add cement and water to make concrete

  • Top Soil

    Top Soil

    Screened and kept inside to keep it dry

  • Holm Sand

    Holm Sand

    For sports pitches and childrens play pits.

  • Grano


    Used for Granite floors and French Boules pits

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