Skip Range

  • Domestic or Commercial
  • Prompt, reliable & friendly service
  • Road permits arranged
  • mini skip

    Mini Skip

    2-3 yards

    The smallest skip Speedy Skips supply. Mini skips are ideal for household & garden waste.

    Capacity: 1.5 – 2.3m³
    Approx 25 – 30 Black Bags

    2 yards0.91m1.76m1.33m
    3 yards0.92m1.98m1.56m
  • midi skip

    Midi Skip

    4 yards

    Midi skips are suitable for larger amounts of household waste. They are also used for commercial waste.

    Capacity: 3m³
    Approx 35 – 40 Black Bags

    4 yards0.99m2.50m1.54m
  • builder skip

    Builders Skip

    6-8 yards

    The most popular sized skips, the Builders skip is used in the building trade and for larger domestic renovations.

    Capacity: 4.6 – 6m³
    Approx 65 – 85 Black Bags

    6 yards1.00m3.40m1.78m
    8 yards1.27m3.72m1.78m
  • large skip

    Large Skip

    12-14 yards

    Large skips are higher than standard builders skips. They are suitable for builders and for all domestic renovations.

    Capacity: 9.2 – 10.7m³
    Approx 180 – 210 Black Bags

    12 yards1.83m3.72m1.78m
    14 yards2.00m3.72m1.78m
  • rolonoff skip


    15-20 yards

    For projects and contracts that involve greater volumes of waste Allstone can provide various sized Rolonoff skips. Suitable for heavy materials.

    Capacity: 11.5 – 15.3m³
    Approx 250+ Black Bags

    15 yards1.11m5.97m2.35m
    20 yards1.42m5.97m2.35m
  • rolonoff skip


    40 yards

    For projects & contracts that involve greater volumes of waste. Not suitable for heavy materials.

    Capacity: 30.6m³
    Approx 500+ Black Bags

    40 yards2.64m5.97m2.35m
skip image
NB: Sizes may vary according to your location. Skips are for general waste only, no Fridges, no TV’s or monitors, hazardous waste which includes paints, solvents liquids or asbestos. Before you order please ensure that can place the skip on private property. They can be placed on the highway but you may need a permit. This we can arrange. Contact us for advice.